• Record Food

    use the camera to record all the food You eat. quickly list ingredients. track all ingredients over time.

  • Record Mood

    use Mood Value Sliders to record details about Your mood. track up to twelve unique Mood Values and see them change on the Mood Graph.

  • ✔ Recording Reminders

    set up reminders and record Your mood after eating

  • ✔ ReSearch Food Stats

    learn which foods give You positive moods

  • ✔ ReSearch Mood Stats

    see Your moods as positive or negative over a time range

  • ✔ ReSearch Eating Times

    see at what time of day You usually eat

  • ✔ Mood Graph

    observe Your moods fluctuate

  • The Book Included

    enjoy reading the accompanying book right within the app, the FOOD & MOOD book called "the book" written by Your Headless Standup Programmer.

  • Available


researching eating times


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