• Record Food

    use the camera to record all the food You eat. quickly list ingredients. track all ingredients over time.

  • Record Mood

    use Mood Value Sliders to record details about Your mood. track up to twelve unique Mood Values and see them change on the Mood Graph.

  • ✔ Recording Reminders

    set up reminders and record Your mood after eating

  • ✔ ReSearch Food Stats

    learn which foods give You positive moods

  • ✔ ReSearch Mood Stats

    see Your moods as positive or negative over a time range

  • ✔ ReSearch Eating Times

    see at what time of day You usually eat

  • ✔ Mood Graph

    observe Your moods fluctuate

  • The Book Included

    enjoy reading the accompanying book right within the app, the FOOD & MOOD book called "the book" written by Your Headless Standup Programmer.

  • Available


is it food & mood and also mood & food?

currently mood comes from food, what if food came from mood?

in other words, currently the app assumes a time dependent correlation between the food records and the mood records.

it assumes You eat first, then feel some way because of that. but is this really exactly so?

ii think it it is this way and it is also the other way.

so currently a food can have a positive or negative mood value average after records. to also cover the other way ii will be developing an algorithm which will execute roughly the opposite of the initial algorithm for calculating the positivity of a food.

if food intake can change the mood, then it also must be true, that mood can be transformed through food intake.

and if You have a mood first, if You record first and then eat, the current algorithm will not use that data at all. so ii want to use that too and see which foods transform negative moods into positive ones.

will see.

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