• Record Food

    use the camera to record all the food You eat. quickly list ingredients. track all ingredients over time.

  • Record Mood

    use Mood Value Sliders to record details about Your mood. track up to twelve unique Mood Values and see them change on the Mood Graph.

  • ✔ Recording Reminders

    set up reminders and record Your mood after eating

  • ✔ ReSearch Food Stats

    learn which foods give You positive moods

  • ✔ ReSearch Mood Stats

    see Your moods as positive or negative over a time range

  • ✔ ReSearch Eating Times

    see at what time of day You usually eat

  • ✔ Mood Graph

    observe Your moods fluctuate

  • The Book Included

    enjoy reading the accompanying book right within the app, the FOOD & MOOD book called "the book" written by Your Headless Standup Programmer.

  • Available


second update v1.0.7

ii have already found out that ii am the food that ii eat. it is still up to those who do not yet have this vision, to observe them self and find out the simplest truth.

what we are is what we see, we are what we taste.

we are endless aware space for all the universe. that is why everyone should learn about them self and see the truth of the foods and moods.

those who do not know what food really is, are capable of eating almost anything, from fried cats to snakes in oils.

but ii who have seen the light of happy mood, ii know, that eating animals is eating cadavers, it is like self-willingly eating poison, it is like pouring poison right into the heart.

ii guess not eating animals is one of thew first steps to great moods and a healthy body. the meat just does not know how to mix with the human juices, it does not ferment, it rots inside.

the second update brings all the requested features which ii collected over the summer from the customer Feedback. ii encourage You to give me more Feedback, so we can make the app better with every update.


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